The Illuminati Order International System Today

The Illuminati Order International was founded today in Ingolstadt in Germany, ie in the same city where Adam Weishaupt founded the original Order in 1776, in order to give continuity to the ancient teachings of the Illuminati of Bavaria.

Being an independent, philosophical, free-thinking institution, it has no connection with any other national or international institutions that use the term "Illuminati Order," nor is it subject to any other institution of a semblant character.

The Illuminati Order International gives valuable instructions to members at the "Academicus" level, that is, directly through the Restricted Area of ??this website (External Order) and after a certain period of effective participation, the presence of the Inner Order begins. Those enrolled receive great teaching aimed at the practice of a way of living based on freedom of conscience, dogmas and "preconceptions".

The difference between the teachings of religions and other philosophies and our instructions is that in the latter there are profoundly shocking secrets revealed only to our initiates. The neophyte who wishes to know the deepest secrets must be instructed through degrees of deepening, which involve greater complexity and require strong dedication and practice, until one reaches the highest levels.

The Illuminati International Order system uses knowledge presented in a way that follows a line of logical reasoning, with the aim of providing a broader understanding of the world and human history, adherence to a new philosophy of life based on respect To oneself and to the next, in the interior reform, in the cooperativism and in the union of the group like a great family. In addition, it continues the ancient teachings of the Order of Illuminati founded in Bavaria in 1776.

The Illuminati Order International is working on the formation of a worldwide family where its members live in full cooperativism, practicing true human fraternity. Within a differentiated instructional system aimed at the development of full human potential, learning encompasses several techniques, topics of study and actions. Members are also encouraged the constant practice of helping each other, of generosity, of material detachment, of combat dogmatic thought, of prejudices and superstitions. Enlightenment is the maximum stage of the use of reason and intellect united to spirituality.

Enlightened agents must work secretly in all social settings. Individual and group actions and work in silence and discretion are the main ways to achieve the goals set.

We do not provide a specific sacred text, nor do we propagate religious dogmas. Each one will find what he seeks through intense inner work. Even so, secrets are reserved and revealed to the most devoted and committed adherents of their practices. As in a "Mystery Religion," the Illuminati Order International develops various ritualistic ceremonies that will often require the neophyte to go beyond the five senses, but always in a purely rational context.

This type of practice has no parallels with ordinary religions. "Enlightenment" is the truth about opening the eyes to the full potential of man and his connection to the universe.

For us to become enlightened is nothing more than to seek a new way of living, through a wider enlightenment of things, with an open mind and an awakened consciousness, that is, a bright and enlightened mind.

Thus, the Illuminati International Order is a system of self-improvement that encompasses knowledge coming from diverse segments of society, as the primary purpose of promoting the integration and improvement of the quality of life of its members, through a very incisive proposal to rethink and To review what we believe as absolute truths, seeking enlightenment (enlightenment) not in a mystical and transcendent way, but by reason itself.

Through the Illuminati International Order, each individual is invited to aggregate new knowledge, create a new way of looking at the world and apply what he has learned efficiently, within specific areas such as: personal and spiritual development, business and financial development, Intellectual growth, etc.
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