The Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria of the XVIII was formed by good people who took a position of favor to the whole humanity. The main philosophy of the current Illuminati Order International, as well as the original Bavarian order, is also intended to contribute to the evolution of humanity and the preservation of the planet, as well as total opposition to forms of violence and slavery, practices that cause damage to life Or that endanger the existence of the human species.

Positions on:

God and Religions:

God, is the principle that generates and maintains everything that comes into existence. It is the naturally creating Energy present in everything, organizing and maintaining life in every atom in the Universe. As far as Religions and Creeds are concerned, we maintain a neutral and contrary opinion to radicalist and fundamentalist doctrines.

Planet Earth:

We are not the owners of this planet, but only their caretakers. This planet serves us as a home for us to get in touch with the most different experiences in the field. This makes us gain knowledge and experience in practice. We must understand that we are spiritually connected to this planet and the universe.

Wars and Mass Violence, Genocide:

We are against violence in all its forms. Wars have made and will still be part of human history, but a great effort must be made to cease them. Through enlightened agents operating in various governmental spheres, many wars can be avoided.

Similar Illuminist orders:

Our treatment is of respect and equality, as long as they serve the beneficial purposes and objectives, maintaining the authentic Enlightenment tradition of the Order founded in Bavaria.

The Search for Equality, Justice and Fraternity:

The learning and application of our philosophy aims to form a society to be ruled by perfect union, justice and equality where citizens live harmoniously as true brothers, without the differences imposed by race, color, creed or religion, social or financial situation , Sexual choice, customs and traditions.
Positions taken by the Illuminati International Order