What many are currently unaware of is that the Rituals of the ancient Illuminati Order of Bavaria did not possess an occult but a rational character.

When we use the term "occultism," then comes the mind of the various known occult sciences, such as Magic, Thelema, Satanism, and Luciferianism, for example. But what we treat as occultism is quite different. These are not magic rituals and invocations, nor covenants, but to show in the eyes what is really hidden, or even better, to tear the veils of ignorance and superstition, dogmatism and fundamentalism so that the truth is really View.

This truth is before us, but hidden by our traditional beliefs and customs. This makes us live believing in a false reality, a truth assembled, that leads us to think that the world is what really present us before our eyes. When we tear the veil and become aware of reality as it is, we change our way of perceiving life and transform it for the better, as in a great leap.

Great historical feats were woven into the secret chambers of the initiatory orders, which, seeking the good of humanity, always worked in opposition to the established world power system that favors only a minority. But today's secret societies are losing their original purpose, turning only to the private and selfish goals of their leaders in search of power and wealth.

Here is the power of occult knowledge and the great secret. Such knowledge revolutionizes the way of thinking and acting of those who carry them. This makes them effective agents who work actively for the evolution of humanity in a quiet and discreet way. Thanks to the resistance and action of these agents, the world still has a chance to become a better place.
The Hidden and Secret Knowledge of the Order