For the past 240 years, no group has been so widely commented on in a underworld wrapped in a cloud of confusing conspiracy theories, such as the Illuminati. In the shadowy world of secret societies, the Illuminati of Bavaria or "Perfectibilists", as they originally called themselves, have already made their mark on history. Unfortunately the written information about them, up to this point, has been tainted and perverted into a miscellany of truths and lies. People and groups, including the entire spectrum of political and religious belief, have banded together to attack a common enemy that is just an illusion with a borrowed name: Illuminati, and the name of its founder Dr. Adam Weishaupt - And we are here to Clean them.

In 1776 a canon law professor at the German University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, founded a secret order called "The Perfectibilists", which became known as the "Illuminati", recruiting the first brothers who were among their own students.

Weishaupt's order held an ancient wisdom, and the most important secrets were revealed only to those who ascended by the highest degrees of initiations. Initiates were grouped into small cells of knowledge called Minervais Assemblies. The system has always been rigid and systematically military.

Is there a link between the Illuminati and Masonry?

Although many contemporary conspiracy theorists claim that the Illuminati are composed only of the "High Rank" of Freemasonry (Masons of the 33rd), many other conspiracy theorists claim that this is an unlikely "small fish" that distracts the real, verifiable conspiracies . Freemasonry has no other connection but only a brief historical association with the Illuminati of Bavaria in the eighteenth century.

Many conspiracy theorists use the terms Freemasons, Illuminati, Zionist Occupation Government, and New World Order almost as synonyms.
Brief history of the Order Illuminati of Bavaria
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